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CRACKCast & Physicians as Humans on CanadiEM

CanadiEM aims to improve emergency care in Canada by building an online community of practice for healthcare practitioners and providing them with high quality, freely available educational resources. The CanadiEM Podcast brings you cutting edge clinical topics on the National Rounds Series and delves into the struggles that doctors face on the Physicians as Humans Series.

May 8, 2017

This episode covers Chapter 76 of Rosen’s Emergency Medicine. Have you ever seen pneumonia? Yeah.... we thought so. Now here are all the nitty-gritty details.

  1. What are the typical associative pathogens?

  2. Describe the typical clinical presentation/RFs/Management for each of the following

    -S. pneumonia
    -H. influenzae
    -Staph aureus
    -Mycoplasma pneumoniae & Chlamydia pneumoniae
    -PJP & Other Fungal Pneumsonia

  3. List the typical etiologies of viral pneumonia.

  4. Which patient groups should receive pneumovax?

  5. Which pneumonias can present with cavitating lesions (abscesses) on x-ray

  6. What is the differential for possible pneumonia visible on CXR?

  7. Describe the analysis of pleural fluid.
    -Which effusions should be sampled?
    -What are Light's criteria?

  8. What is the CURB65 score?