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CanadiEM Podcasts: CRACKCast, ClerkCast, First Year Diaries

CanadiEM aims to improve emergency care in Canada by building an online community of practice for healthcare practitioners and providing them with high quality, freely available educational resources. The CanadiEM Podcast brings you cutting edge clinical topics on the National Rounds Series and delves into the struggles that doctors face on the Physicians as Humans Series.

Mar 29, 2018

This episode of CRACKCast covers Rosen's 9th Edition, Ch. 159. In the podcast, we will look at the sedative hypnotic toxidrome and the various agents that bring patients to your ED.


Core questions: 


  1. Describe the components of the GABA receptor complex and their physiologic effect
  2. Describe the sedative-hypnotic toxidrome, and list 8 drugs in the DDx
  3. How do barbiturates work?
  4. What are the clinical symptoms of barbiturate overdose?
  5. How are they managed?
  6. How do benzodiazepines work?
  7. List risk factors for benzodiazepine withdrawal and its management
  8. What are the indications for flumazenil? What are the contraindications?
  9. How does chloral hydrate toxicity present?
  10. What is the clinical presentation of GHB toxicity?
  11. How is GHB withdrawal managed?




  1. List 2 drugs used for ‘date-rape’ and describe their toxicity
  2. What Benzos WILL NOT be detected on urine drug screen?