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CanadiEM Podcasts: CRACKCast, ClerkCast, First Year Diaries

CanadiEM aims to improve emergency care in Canada by building an online community of practice for healthcare practitioners and providing them with high quality, freely available educational resources. The CanadiEM Podcast brings you cutting edge clinical topics on the National Rounds Series and delves into the struggles that doctors face on the Physicians as Humans Series.

Sep 3, 2019

Core Questions: 


  1. Define confusion.
  2. What is your differential diagnosis for the confused patient?
  3. Differentiate between organic and functional causes of confusion.
  4. What is the Quick Confusion Scale (QCS) and how is it calculated?
  5. What is the Brief Confusion Assessment Method (bCAM) and how is it used?
  6. What is the Mini-Mental State Examination (MMSE) and how is it scored?
  7. What ancillary tests are used when working up the confused patient?
  8. What is the role of thiamine in the treatment of the acutely confused patient?




  1. What simple tests can you use to assess concentration at the bedside?
  2. What treatments should be used for the patient with acute hypoglycemia causing confusion?
  3. List 5 emergent and 5 critical diagnoses that cause confusion.