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Mar 3, 2020

Core Questions: 


  1. What are the three anatomically-distinct zones of the pharynx, and what structures outline their borders?
    1. Ultrasound of the Neck
    2. Lateral neck radiograph
    3. Nasopharyngoscopy
    4. CT Soft Tissues Neck
  2. Describe the utility of the following imaging modalities in the patient with sore throat.
  3. Outline five viral, five bacterial, and five other potential aetiologies of sore throat in the ED patient? (Table 20.1)
  4. Outline the components of the Modified Centor Score and describe its application.
  5. Describe the diagnostic algorithm for the patient with sore throat. (Figure 20.4)
  6. Outline the approach to managing a patient with sore throat in the ED. (Figure 20.4)
  7. What antibiotics can be used in the  patient with suspected or confirmed streptococcal pharyngitis? (Box 20.2)




  1. In what age groups is streptococcal pharyngitis rarely seen?
  2. What is Waldeyer’s Tonsillar Ring?
  3. What is the “thumb sign” and what pathology does it point to?