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CanadiEM Podcasts: CRACKCast, ClerkCast, First Year Diaries

CanadiEM aims to improve emergency care in Canada by building an online community of practice for healthcare practitioners and providing them with high quality, freely available educational resources. The CanadiEM Podcast brings you cutting edge clinical topics on the National Rounds Series and delves into the struggles that doctors face on the Physicians as Humans Series.

Nov 3, 2020

Core Questions

  1. Define diarrhea.
  2. Outline the pathophysiologic processes that result in diarrhea.
  3. List 10 infectious causes of diarrhea. - Box 28.1
  4. List 10 non-infectious causes of diarrhea. - Box 28.2
  5. Outline 5 important aspects of a patient’s history to elucidate in cases of diarrhea.
  6. Detail an approach to laboratory...

Oct 26, 2020

In today’s episode, we cover how to prepare for your upcoming emergency medicine elective and how best to ask for that coveted reference letter. Helping us navigate this subject is our expert guest Dr. Brent Thoma.

Dr. Thoma works clinically as a trauma and emergency medicine physician. Academically, he studies...

Oct 5, 2020

Core Questions


  1. Define upper gastrointestinal versus lower gastrointestinal bleeding and differentiate between the two based on anatomic location 
  2. Outline an approach to the history and physical examination for the patient with complaints consistent with GIB.- Box 27.3
  3. List 5 causes of UGI bleeding and 5 causes of LGI...

Sep 8, 2020

Core Questions

  1. Define the following terms:
    1. Nausea
    2. Retching
    3. Vomiting
  2. Outline the neural pathway regulating nausea and vomiting.
  3. List 6 potential sequelae of vomiting.
  4. Outline an approach to the history in the patient complaining of nausea and vomiting.
  5. Outline an approach to the physical exam in the nauseated and/or...

Aug 10, 2020

In this episode of Danger Zone, our hosts examine a relatively rare procedure performed in the ED – the Surgical Airway! They discuss indications, procedural considerations, and important clinical pearls.