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CanadiEM Podcasts: CRACKCast, ClerkCast, First Year Diaries

CanadiEM aims to improve emergency care in Canada by building an online community of practice for healthcare practitioners and providing them with high quality, freely available educational resources. The CanadiEM Podcast brings you cutting edge clinical topics on the National Rounds Series and delves into the struggles that doctors face on the Physicians as Humans Series.

Jan 21, 2016

This episode covers Chapter 3 of Rosen's Emergency Medicine.

Episode Overview:

  1. Describe the steps in the afferent pain pathway?
  2. Differentiate between acute and chronic pain?
  3. List options for pain management at various steps in pain perception?
  4. Describe the different methods of assessing pain for all ages
  5. List 4 side effects of NSAIDS, what factors increase risk of GI bleeding?
  6. What is the mechanism of action of local anesthetics? What are the two classes?
  7. What is the toxic dose of lidocaine and bupivacaine?  What are expected toxicities?   How are they treated?
  8. List 6 techniques for reducing pain of injection of local anesthetic.
  9. List one topical anesthetic for intact skin, mucous membranes, and open skin
  10. What is the dose of sucrose in a neonate for anesthesia?