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CRACKCast (Core Rosen's and Clinical Knowledge) helps residents to "Turn on their learn on" through podcasts that assist with exam prep by covering essential core content. Physicians as Humans explores the struggles that physicians face and how they have overcome them. From addictions, mental health issues, and all manner of personal crises will be discussed to help let those who are currently struggling know that they are not alone. CanadiEM aims to improve emergency care in Canada by building an online community of practice for healthcare practitioners and providing them with high quality, freely available educational resources.
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Apr 27, 2017

This episode covers Chapter 73 of Rosen’s Emergency Medicine. The ancient Greeks knew about Asthma... so should you! We give you all the major points for diagnosis and treatment in the ED.


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  1. 10 different causes of a wheeze.
  2. List 8 risk factors for death from asthma
  3. List 6 objective findings of severe asthma
  4. 10 therapies for an acute severe asthma exacerbation
  5. Discuss a ventilation strategy for the critically-ill asthmatic patient
  6. Discuss disposition and discharge planning for an acute asthma exacerbation presenting to the ER


Wise Cracks

  1. What is delayed sequence intubation? Can it be used for severe Asthma exacerbation?
  2. What about pregnancy and Asthma is so important?
Apr 24, 2017

This episode covers Chapter 72 of Rosen’s Emergency Medicine. All those pearls you need for ears, masses, nose bleeds and weird stones in weird places.

  1. Define Otitis Media
    1. Acute
    2. Chronic
    3. Recurrent
  2. Describe the diagnosis treatment of Otitis Media
  3. What are the complications of OM?
  4. Describe the diagnosis and tx of Otitis Externa
  5. Differentiate from malignant otitis externa
  6. What is Ramsay Hunt Syndrome? How is it Tx?
  7. Describe your approach to sudden hearing loss
    1. How is it treated?
  8. Name 10 causes of epistaxis
  9. Describe your approach to tx epistaxis
    1. Anterior bleeds
    2. Posterior bleeds
  10. What is the differential diagnosis of neck masses?
  11. What is SIALOLITHIASIS? How is it tx? 
Apr 20, 2017

This episode covers Chapter 71 of Rosen’s Emergency Medicine. For such a small organ, the eye has A LOT of things to cover. Here we finish up in everything you need to know about that juicy ball of potential badness.

  1. List 10 causes of ↓ vision post blunt eye trauma
  2. What historical features are concerning for intra-ocular foreign body?
  3. List 4 options for treatment of corneal abrasions
  4. Describe the management of traumatic hyphema
  5. What causes the finding of a ‘second pupil’ post-trauma?
  6. Describe the physical findings of globe rupture and describe management
  7. List 5 indications for ophtho consultation for eyelid lacerations
  8. Describe diagnosis and treatment for orbital floor fractures:
  9. List 2 findings on X-ray of orbital floor fracture
  10. List indications for surgical repair of orbital floor fracture
  11. Describe the clinical findings of retrobulbar hemorrhage and the steps in performing lateral canthotomy
  12. List 3 complications of ocular trauma
Apr 10, 2017

This episode covers Chapter 70 of Rosen’s Emergency Medicine.


  1. How are teeth traditionally numbered?
  2. Describe the classification and management of tooth fractures
  3. Describe the method for reducing a jaw dislocation? What is the usual direction of the dislocation?
  4. Explain Ludwig’s Angina and its management
  5. List 3 complications of maxillary (eg canine) tooth infection?
  6. Describe management of Dental Caries vs Periapical abscess
  7. Describe your approach to Acute Necrotising Ulcerative Gingivitis
    1. what is Vincent’s Angina?
    2. what is cancrum oris?
  8. Rapid Fire treatment for the following:
    1. Post root canal pain
    2. Cracked Tooth or Split root syndromes
    3. Maxillary Sinusitis
    4. Atypical Odontalgia
    5. Post extraction pain
    6. Neuropathic pain
    7. Temporomandibular Myofascial Pain Dysfunction Syndrome
    8. Pericoronitis
    9. Apthous Stomatitis


  1. Spot diagnosis
Apr 3, 2017

This episode covers Chapter 69 of Rosen’s Emergency Medicine.


Sign Post:

1. List six types of elder abuse?
2. List ten risk factors for elder abuse?
3. List ten questions to screen for elder abuse?
4. What are some indicators on the medical history and physical exam that may suggest ongoing elder abuse?
5. Discuss ethical and legal implications of elder abuse. Who needs to be reported?